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Pure Mathematics Research Group; Conference and Workshops

Recent and forthcoming conferences organised (or coorganised) by members of the group:

Workshop on Lie Powers (23rd September, 2010)

New Trends in Noncommutative Algebra (9th-13th August, 2010)

North British Semigroups and Applications Network (26th July, 2010)

74th TTT Meeting / Toric Topology Manchester (5th July, 2010)

Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Bialowieza (27th June - 3rd July, 2010)

Constructive Mathematics: Proofs and Computation (7th-11th June, 2010)

Interactions between Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Algebra, Oberwolfach (9th-15th May, 2010)

70th TTT Meeting / Toric Topology Manchester (2nd-3rd November, 2009)

Algebraic Groups and Invariant Theory (30th August - 4th September, 2009)

Workshop on Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and Related Topics (3rd-7th August, 2009)

New Directions in the Model Theory of Fields (20th-30th July, 2009)

The Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2009 (15th-17th April, 2009)

Algebraic Lie Structure with Origins in Physics, INI (23rd-27th March, 2009)

Groups and their Applications (25th February, 2009)

68th Transpennine Topology Triangle (19th January, 2009)

LMS Northern Regional Meeting (14th January, 2009), associated to the MAGIC Postgraduate Conference (12th-14th January, 2009)

Artin Workshop (5th-6th December, 2008)

Philosophy of Mathematics (4th October, 2008)

New Directions in Ergodic Theory (10th-11th September, 2008)

MODNET Summer School (14th-18th July, 2008)

MATHLOGAPS (7th-11th July, 2008)

New Horizons in Toric Topology (7th-11th July, 2008)

New Directions in Noncommutative Geometry (10th-11th July, 2008)

New Directions in Toric Topology (4th-5th July, 2008)

LMS Northern Regional Meeting (31st March, 2008) and associated workshop on Ergodic Theory and Geometry (1st-4th April, 2008)

Algebraic Lie Theory, Banff (27th May - 1st June, 2007)

Antalya Algebra Days (22nd-27th May, 2007)

Constructive Mathematics Day (9th December, 2005)

Workshop on Probabilistic Limit Laws for Dynamical Systems (ICMS, Edinburgh, 13th-17th June, 2005)

Where will the next generation of UK mathematicians come from? (18th-19th March, 2005)

Bernoulli Convolutions and Beta-Expansions (8th-10th September, 2004)

LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on "Geometric Representation Theory" (11th-15th March, 2003) (notice)

British Logic Colloquium (6th-8th September, 2001)

LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on Quantization, Poisson Brackets and Beyond (6th-13th July, 2001)

Workshops of networks funded by the London Mathematical Society: Transpenine Topology Triangle; ARTIN, K-theory days; Ergodic Theory; Group Theory and its Applications; North British Geometric Group Theory