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Pure Mathematics Research Group

With nearly thirty permanent members of staff, including fifteen professors, and with internationally known research groups ranging across a wide span of mathematics, Manchester is one of the leading centres for pure mathematics in the UK. As well as the core areas of algebra, analysis and dynamical systems, geometry and topology, and mathematical logic, our research spills into mathematical physics and theoretical computer science. Our group includes a Fellow of the Royal Society (Wilkie), a Fellow of the British Academy (Paris), and two Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (Stafford, Wilkie).

For our research, see the area descriptions and individual staff members' home pages, as well as the MIMS EPrints repository. Many of our recent achievements are outlined in the group's RAE2008 submission. A vibrant programme of seminars, a large and lively group of postgraduate students and purpose-designed areas for mathematical interaction, all help create a stimulating environment for creating new mathematics. Other activities of the group include organising international conferences and writing textbooks and research monographs. We are part of the MAGIC consortium which, via the web, presents a range of lecture courses for our postgraduate students far greater than could be provided at any single institution.

Pure Mathematics has a long tradition of excellence at Manchester. The 1920s and 30s saw Manchester become one of the world's leading centres for number theory, with Louis Mordell and Kurt Mahler holding chairs here. In 1945 Max Newman arrived from code-breaking work at Bletchley Park and ensured the growth in eminence of the department, recruiting stars such as the logician Alan Turing, often considered to be the father of artificial intelligence, and the topologist Frank Adams. Manchester also has a long tradition in algebra, through the work of leading figures such as Bernhard Neumann, Hanna Neumann and Brian Hartley.


We welcome applications to study for the degree of PhD ( apply online ) in the areas of pure mathematics listed below, as well as a one year taught MSc programme. For a complete list of current research interests, please refer to the research areas pages and to the pages of individual staff members. We also welcome applications to hold a Research Fellowship in the group.

Research Areas

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