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Mathematical Physics Group

The Mathematical Physics group covers a wide range of scientific interests spanning from pure mathematics to applications and theoretical physics. The group is very active and offers several oportunities to postgraduate students. We take part in the regular geometry seminar, and organize several other research activities such as an informal seminar in Geometry and Mathematical Physics, mini-courses and reading groups.

Our Research Interests include

Members of staff involved

Fedotov Sergei Prof. Sergei.Fedotov 0161 30 63659 2.141
Khudaverdyan Hovhannes Dr Hovhannes.Khudaverdyan 0161 30 68975 1.118
Montaldi James Dr J.Montaldi 0161 30 63667 2.113
Parkinson John Dr John.Parkinson 0161 27 55897 G.112
Voronov Theodore Dr Theodore.Voronov 0161 30 63682 2.109

Research activities

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