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Research in Mathematical Logic

Alan M Turing
Alan Mathison Turing

There is a strong tradition in mathematical logic at Manchester. The first logician at Manchester was Alan Turing, now considered to be the father of artificial intelligence and one of the great visionaries of the twentieth century. Turing was followed at Manchester by his former student Robin Gandy who made important contributions to the foundations of proof theory and constructive mathematics. Two of Gandy's students have held chairs in at Manchester, Mike Yates (now retired), and Jeff Paris.

There are strong links with other parts of pure mathematics and with computer science.

The logic group offers opportunities for PhD study in all the research areas mentioned below (for admissions please visit here), as well as a one year taught MSc programme.

Research topics

Our research interests can be roughly listed as follows.

Members of staff involved

Borovik Alexandre Prof. Alexandre.Borovik 0161 30 63645 2.125
Gregory Lorna Dr. Lorna.A.Gregory 0161 306 3672 2.232
Jones Gareth Dr. Gareth.Jones-3 2.219
Kambites Mark Dr. Mark.Kambites 0161 30 63211 2.144
Paris Jeff B Prof. Jeff.Paris 0161 27 55880 2.206
Prest Mike Prof. MPrest 0161 27 55875 1.120
Simmons Harold Dr. H.Simmons 1.115
Tressl Marcus Dr. Marcus.Tressl 0161 30 63672 2.118
Wilkie Alex J Prof. Alex.Wilkie 0161 27 55858 2.145

Previous members of staff

Aczel Peter Prof.
Vencovská Alena Dr
Wilmers George M Dr

Research activities

Books published by members of staff include:

Recent conferences organized by members of staff include:

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